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I love the look, but I will say that bluestone used in an interior is kind of a pain to clean.

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Your flooring choice on the other hand looks much lower maintenance! People always seem shocked when I tell them the 1 thing I miss about the new house we sold in NC is not the big family room or the attached garage or dressing room but the laundry room! Right off the kitchen…what a dream that was. I love it! I hope you get to use the Katie Ridder wallpaper too! I think I have all of these images on my inspiration board for my laundry room. Good luck on yours, fun fun! I used the Ikea butcher block for my counter tops over my front loaders.

I had the butcher block stained a dark walnut and had grey cabinets put in.

Four organised people share their top decluttering hacks

My laundry room makes me so happy, as I am sure that your will for you! I have 3 modest houses — have transitioned each of them now to the ultra high capacity top loaders widely available now from several manufacturers.

These are not only free of the mildew problem of front loaders, they are more efficient water users and will cut down the number of loads you do, saving time and energy. Also have a slimmer profile for areas where you are converting an older closet space that does not have depth to accommodate front loaders. Your laundry room ideas are beautiful, and the front loaders do give a great opportunity for fantastic counter space — I would like to love the front loader, but I cannot deny the new top loaders rock.

Love your blog — it is a treat. Have you seen this site?

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A friend just told me about it and I found a thread on you. That ikea butcher block is great, but I do recommend sanding it and sealing it. I think it makes for a more polished and richer look. Also, on its own it can be a bit rough on skin and clothes. We used one for a custom desk which was a great size for a two person desk. Rachel- I was thinking I would probably need to seal it to keep it from being rough.

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Or oil it. Thanks for the tip. Deana- I know about that site and ignore it. Not worth my time or attention. Life is short, why not have a fabulous room to do laundry in? Go for the gold with some ridic wallpaper in there! Sooooo excited for your book! Think I know what all my besties are getting for Christmas!! Butcher block counters! So beautiful! So many questions. Do you stain it? Does ikea install it? Is it hard to maintain? Love this idea, as usual, such an inspiring post. Thank you :. These images are so gorgeous.

Guide Maddys Guide to Life: Tidying my Room

They have definitely inspired me to up my game in my own laundry room. As for the people who say no to front loading washing machines, I have to disagree. To prevent the smell you need to leave to door open occasionally to let the machine air out. Washing a load or just running the machine on a hot rinse cycle will also help. There is no need to leave the door open all the time, though. Hi Erin! Can you tell me the name of the floor tile? I would love to use it in the kitchen I am currently designing!

Treating yourself and your clothes with a gorgeous laundry space is smart thinking! But then my friends say I have an unnatural attachment to the ritual of laundering!

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Placing it near a heating vent is good idea too. Now anyone walking in will have a first impression of a good-smelling room. And your crush will get a waft of your scent, which is always good. Quickly make the bed. The bed is the biggest thing in your room; making it will give the impression that the room is a lot more tidy. Place the one item you were obviously just engaged with e. You were totally just lying here a minute ago, doing something awesome!

You are always doing cool shit. Get rid of anything perishable that has already perished. Then take the overflowing trash out. Time spent: three minutes. Put a clean gym sock on each of your hands. Get one wet. Now you have a scrubber and a duster. Use the wet one on anything sticky, like rings from juice glasses.

this video will motivate you to clean your room. (i promise)

Run the dry one over all surfaces at eye level and anything truly, horribly dusty. Your room is now passably neat ish! Got a lamp?

Using the KonMari Checklist to Clear the Clutter From Your Life

Got more than one lamp? Throw a red or pink sheer scarf over the tops of them , like they do in Almost Famous. A sheer T-shirt or tank top will work as well. Getting away from it all and being in a different short bubble helps me focus in on the important bonding and early postpartum moments, before life, home and kids come rushing at me. Grateful for the right place to make that transition, and wonderful, wise caregivers.


We loved introducing him to the siblings. As I talked about before his birth, I had found myself rushing through the other postpartums with the other kids—if I felt great physically, I would push myself too early, take on too much or travel alot, etc and end up frazzled and mentally fried. Even if my body could handle it, it was taking a toll on my nervous system, and felt like more of a blur.

So much. Way more than is normal for me. I napped every day for the first 4 weeks—during the first 2, it was hugely important and I craved that break; my mom would drive Ambrose to pick up the girls from school and I would curl up with Blaise and get at least an hour of lying flat rest.

The kids loved it, Joel and I even got out on some date nights when my parents were around the first few weekends, and life felt so different and hugely calm, and like a little bubble of love surrounding us, and it was just perfect. The cold evenings we all hung out by our fire, and took turns cuddling this chub. I had imagined it would be fun to hibernate with a baby, and it has suited me so well ie, needing a major excuse to stay in and enjoy it, rather than itching to get out, and being stir crazy in winter.

I had a no visitor policy for the first 2 weeks anyone I would have to get dressed to welcome;.

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I love this tutorial on how to create a desk using two sets of drawers. This is a very short read too. Thoughtful, kind, witty, humorous, respectful and willing to help in every way. My back hurts a lot. When our eyes turn down, and our hearts start to become heavy. Entertainment Value I really, really love books that make me want to throw things away.

This was challenging only in a few moments with folks wanting to come by, but they did understand, and it gave me permission to focus entirely on babe, nourishing and resting. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

Post navigation I know that feeling… But actually this happens when you attach yourself to things and believe they are part of yourself and your identity. Four organised people share their top decluttering hacks Passa a trovarmi VeryFP. Follow Me! Personal Timetable for Anna. Hoffmanns Der Sandmann German Edition.