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If you think that, then you have to ask yourself: how else should they execute [their trades]? It asks if the trade can be settled at the market benchmark price — established at 4pm each day and dubbed by the markets as "the fix" or "the fixing". He does this as he knows he has a very large amount of pounds to buy over the next 12 minutes meaning there is a good chance that the price will rise.

He repeats this trade every two minutes, which drives the price higher each time. Give the boy a bonus. They just have to beat their customers. Topics Banking. Bank of England Libor interviews. And when you keep having your shills down vote folks like me, while up voting yourself it comes across as even more suspicious. You keep refusing to show any proof of your claims what so ever with one excuse after another.

Saying people will never be satisfied with what ever you show. That may be true but you have not shown anything!!!!! Not a single lick of proof of your claims!!! Absolutely nothing. And I am getting tired of the nonsense. You are starting to come across as a scammer who is in denial. Here is the deal, once you actual post details and state these are your live results then if they are false the Gov. Regulators can go after you. It does not address any of my comments from above.

So instead of this nonsense that someone else pays to have you audited, how about address all the issues I mentioned. Seriously do I have to pay to have a mutual fund audited to get honest performance history results. Here is my WAG and usually I am pretty spot on about these sort of things. But you can certainly proof me wrong without anyone spending 1 dime. You could provide detailed brokerage statements, get your broker to provide statements directly or let Emmett see them via screenshare to verify if you do not want to show the public directly.

So many easy simple paths yet you choice none of them. In fact less time to show proof than the time you spend here giving reasons why you cannot. OK you can now have your shills vote down my post to BTW when I am voted down for demanding a vendor show actual proof of this claims, I know I am hitting the mark!! I have no interest in your course just no interest in day trading algos not a reflection on the course , and only in this fight due to your response to others. My point and only point is for anyone to verify performance and not blind trust any vendor.

Did you even read my reply to your 5 questions? Here is what I would suggest. See if Emmett will allow you to do a detailed write up actually showing real detailed results performance. Showing each account. Start dollar value and equity growth. But even with all that which would be great, I still have the following problem. Is the way you traded in real life match to what you teach in the course. I thought your course was focused on writing algo to day trade. Maybe not! No, my course is on how to create trading strategies intraday or swing.

I am surprised the people you spoke with who took the course did not mention that fact. I will attest that these are exactly as filed with IRS. I have not submitted yet, so that is not included. These documents will not prove the CAGR number I gave, and will not show equity curves and drawdowns, but they will prove I was profitable.

The problem is what I give Emmett will not be enough for the real naysayers out there, and as some have stated, practically nothing will convince the fringe minority. But it will be more than probably anyone else has ever given. As I write this, Emmett has agreed to review and publish his findings, so be on the lookout for it…. The only thing I know about your course is from what others who took it told me. But that is not the real issue here. One could just setup a bunch of small accounts to have something to show for selling courses. But did one actually risk any money trading it is another story.

So everyone that trades it in reality loses money. For one to make an intelligent, not emotional decision this is the detailed information that is needed. And there is not Reasonable reason I can think of that would would not be forthcoming with these sort of details. Emmett now has information submitted to the IRS attesting to my profitability. Kevin, if you have not noticed yet, Rob B.

Speak to Emmett. Do not worry about Rob B. The best you can do is be honest, and for people like Rob B. Do what you plan on doing with Emmett and see how that goes. Ignore Rob B. Thanks for the comment. I think deep down Rob is a good guy, trying to do the right thing.

Same with the other skeptics on here. By seeing if he is talking. Anyhow, Emmett has a bunch of my brokerage and tax statements, spanning multiple years, so revealing that info will satisfy most, but not all. And that is OK with me. At least I hope you are a shill, otherwise you are a complete fool. This industry is nothing but con artist.


In this business it is verify then trust. I am wondering did you believe in Bernie Madoff also? I hope Kevin does show proof of his claims, but to blindly believe without getting any evidence what so ever is just foolish, there is no other word for it.

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Sorry, if that was too offensive to you Cesar. But you keep throwing your money away on the scammers in this industry that make wild promises as you apparently just want to close your eyes and believe. Hmm, Cesar I got some great bargain land I have for sell. I will give it to you at a bargain price. Trust me it is a great deal you do not need to check the land or anything.

I think Rob B. Good to see KJ is finally showing some overdue respect. His shills have downvoted questions and upvoted his defense posts. I do smell smoke and mirrors. Thanks for the kind words, but I know it will not be enough for some. That is true — this marks a day in history where a vendor actually posts some kind of verification — so kudos to you. The fringe doubters will win again, as they usually do.

This comment is now for Emmett. As we all know anyone can put anything into Turbo Tax and print out a statement. Much harder to fake screen sharing of real brokerage statement brought up live in front of you. Emmett demand not only to see tax statements but the actual brokerage statements. And show the capital and equity curve. Rob — You are unique. You must be kidding.

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I traded a demo for 3 months before going live. Sorry, I was not intending to be hostile, but realize by questioning what I say, you are calling my integrity into question. I trade around 80 of my strategies. Maybe not! Hi Hj, Thank you sooo much. Let me know how it works out for you, cheers.

I am pointing out the most basic proof of transparency. WTF does Tax Returns show? First, way to easy to fake. And second Tax returns do not show return on investment or account size being risked or drawdowns or how the money was even made. It is like showing virtually nothing. Not even the smoke in smoke and mirrors.

But I will agree with Ken it is more than most vendors show. But in a world of con artist that is not saying a lot. Seriously nothing I requested is hard to produce and I would say the bare minimum and I mean bare minimum that any reputable vendor would produce. But if it looks like Smoke and Mirrors I will say such at the appropriate time.

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I do not include long term mutual funds and stocks in that number. The audit will confirm that. I usually swing trade, I only have a handful of day trading strategies. Day trading, I have found, is usually a ticket to the poorhouse. Some trades last a few months, but that is rare. All major futures and commodities markets in the US.

Lessons from a Road Warrior:

Please e-mail if you have more questions. Just remember, whenever you see return numbers, the risk drawdown endured to get that performance is really critical. Anyone who subscribed to the algos can verify this? Kevin, whats the latest? I have a k portfolio in cash now, what do you recommend for genrating monthly income?

(Best Forex Trade System) "INSIDER SECRETS REVEALED"

First congratulations on saving K. That is something the vast majority of Americans can not do. But it you are looking for some type of monthly income maybe you should look at something like buying a rental property instead of trading. Sadly our Government has ran interest rates into the ground, which is horrible for savers and investors looking for fixed income returns. Here is my advice and take it for the price paid, get a certified financial planner and map out a diversified strategy for your investments, which will vary depending on your age and other factors.

For example if you are young with a good job you really do not need income from your investment, instead you need growth. It is like the old saying how did the man end up with 1M day trading; well he started out with 2M. So if you do turn to Algo trading, I would highly suggestion you look at longer time frames. Hi Eric — If generating monthly income is really your goal, I certainly do not recommend trading. Returns in trading are way too lumpy to think in terms of monthly income.

You can easily be losing for weeks or months in a row, and then in one week make it all back. Or not. But you will just be discouraged with trading your goals are not aligned with the realities of trading.

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About Forex Trading: Revealed Shocking Unknown Secrets And Weird Losing Cycle, Live Anywhere Join The New Rich [Trader X] on Nutty, details and tails about winning and losing in Forex, learn the truth, don't be stuck Or there is a easier choice, steal all of my systems and strategies, look over my . Forex Trading Secrets: Revealed Shocking Unknown Secrets And Weird Should So,on the other side, do you live in a self denial chasing the next best system? bearer, but please,don't kill the messenger, this is the bloody truth in Forex.

Good example: selling options can provide a nice steady monthly income, until it inevitably blows up in your face. Send me an e-mail at kdavey kjtradingsystems. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. KJ Trading Systems. Summary One of the best systematic trading professionals on the planet. User Review 3. Comments Rating 1.

A trading education that gives you exactly what you need to be successful, from a battle tested and proven professional systems developer, that gives you exactly what you need. Also, if you are not well capitalized, then Kevin's systematic style of trading is not going to work for you. You need to be well capitalized to by a systematic trader.

Movie Star Looks. Alexander March 28, Is the "champion" trying to hide something? Kevin Davey March 29, Response To Alex. Hi Alex — Thanks for your comments. Feel free to send me an e-mail, and maybe we can resolve your erroneous perception of me. Alexander March 29, Alexander March 31, Max April 23, Pete August 27, TraderP October 7, Joe Schmoe November 8, Kevin Davey May 30, Trader August 15, Kevin Davey August 16, Trader August 17, Kevin Davey August 17, Health insurance and social guarantees for families also apply there.

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