The Sand Mountain Armadillo War

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The highlight of the Million Barrel Museum, however, is the eight-acre, bowl-shaped reservoir that was constructed during the oil boom with the idea that it would hold—you guessed it—a million barrels of oil. Then, Barlow explained, in the s, a big-dreaming entrepreneur filled the hole up with water, hoping to turn it into a West Texas recreation destination for boaters and water-skiers.

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Unfortunately, the reservoir held water about as well as it held oil; soon, that plan was abandoned, too. I made sure to return to the park in time to witness the sun setting over the dunes. A dozen or so people were doing the same thing. In one of the picnic areas, a family took advantage of the strong sunset breeze to fly kites. Sever-al couples had staked their claims on different dunes in order to appreciate the romance of the moment. I scrambled to the top of an unoccupied dune just as the sun began to sink below the horizon.

The sun flashed orange and the dunes took on an eerie, unexpected shade of green. All campsites are also equipped with water and electric hookups.

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The restaurant, which opened in , occupies a large, high-ceilinged building that dates to As jazz music played over the speakers, our server told us that over the years, the building has been a movie theater, an auto-parts store, and even a gymnasium. In the darkness, it was easy to understand why the West Texas skies are so popular with stargazers; the multitude of shining stars made it hard to identify individual constellations.

Instead, we just sat back and appreciated the entirety of the vast, spangled night sky.

Maybe it was all the sand dune-inspired exertion, or maybe it was my full belly, but I slept peacefully and dreamlessly all night. When I awoke, the sun was just starting to rise. I wriggled out of my sleeping bag and walked into the dunes.

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The first gusts of wind whisked through the low desert plants and ruffled the small, delicate tracks left behind by nocturnal critters. After a chilly night, the sand felt cool on my bare feet. I found myself a comfortable place and sat quietly, watching the desert wake up. Where do you want to go today?

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Sumak Travel , sumak-travel. Ken Smith's Exciting Experiences details. It recounts their complex relationship, addressing such topics as drug use and infidelity. In recent times, volcanic activity on the Island of Grenada has been virtually non-existent, with the minor exception of some hot springs. The top two seeds host the first round while three and four Another factor determining occurrence, is the availability of burrows or other forms of shelter.

Published monthly by the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Highways, the official travel magazine of Texas, encourages travel to and within the Lone Star State and tells the Texas story to readers around the world. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Shop Subscribe Newsletter. From the February issue. Medium Rectangle 1. Half Page. He was one of four children. He earned a bachelor of arts in English from the University of Virginia in and after graduation was drafted in the U.

Army and stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana, as a court reporter. After leaving the military in , he entered the Iowa Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, studying under acclaimed fiction writers Raymond Carver and John Cheever and earning a master of fine arts. He married fellow Birmingham native and author Vicki Marsh in The couple would have two daughters and Vicki would also write several novels set in Alabama. In , the couple moved back to Alabama, where Dennis taught English at the University of Alabama at B irmingham until Beginning in , Covington made the first of a dozen trips to Central America as a freelance journalist.

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His dispatches from the civil war in El Salvador and other conflicts in the region appeared in the Scripps-Howard and Newhouse newspapers. He also authored a profile for Vogue of Violeta Chamorro, Nicaraguan president-elect and prominent critic of the Sandinista government. In , he published a young adult novel, Lizard , which was a coming-of-age story about Lucius Sims, a physically deformed boy who looks like a lizard. Lucius suffers and triumphs over multiple forms of discrimination resulting from his physical abnormality, including being sent to a school in Leesville, Louisiana, known at the time as the Louisiana State School for Retarded Boys.

Covington followed Lizard with another young adult novel, Lasso the Moon.