When General Grant Expelled the Jews (Jewish Encounters Series)

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At first a shy Oxford scholar and archaeologist with a facility for languages, he joined and went on to lead the Arab Karnak Co, January Soft Cover. First Edition. Wear, creasing and several small closed tears on the edges of the jacket. Mylar wrapped to protect.

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Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?

Library of America, August The most comprehensive one-volume selection of Jefferson ever published. Contains the "Autobiography," "Notes on the State of Virginia," public and private papers, including the original and revised drafts of the Declaration of Independence, addresses, and letters. Anchor, March Never before had Jews become an issue in a presidential contest and never before had they been confronted so publicly with the question of how to balance their "American" and "Jewish" interests.

Award-winning historian Jonathan D.

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Sarna gives us the first complete account of this little-known episode—including Grant's subsequent apology, his groundbreaking appointment of Jews to prominent positions in his administration, and his unprecedented visit to the land of Israel. Sarna sheds new light on one of our most enigmatic presidents, on the Jews of his day, and on the ongoing debate between ethnic loyalty and national loyalty that continues to roil American political and social discourse.

With black-and-white illustrations throughout.

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A brilliant, sweeping, and comprehensive history of the battle of Gettysburg that sheds fresh light on virtually every aspect of it. Deftly balancing his own narrative style with revealing firsthand accounts, the author gives an engrossing update of this foundational battle of the Civil War. Notes, bibliography, index. Award-winning historian Jonathan D. Sarna sheds new light on one of our most enigmatic presidents, on the Jews of his day, and on the ongoing debate between group loyalty and national loyalty that continues to roil American political and social discourse.

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When General Grant Expelled the Jews (Jewish Encounters Series) [Jonathan D. Sarna] on ufatolyt.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On December. When General Grant Expelled the Jews by Jonathan D. Sarna . His book is part of the prestigious [Jewish Encounters] series, matching prominent Jewish.