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Evelyn De Morgan: The Love Potion
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She showed this and thirteen others in her studio in to raise funds for the Red Cross. An original label on the reverse reads: '"The Mourners" One of a series of six war pictures painted by Evelyn De Morgan The unhappy people, in their misery, are haunted by a vision of past happiness'.

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The picture reflects her preference for allegorical or symbolic figure subjects. They see a vision, bathed in golden light, of an idealised but obviously Italian city and figures playing music, laden with flowers, carrying a cornucopia etc.

The picture has all the characteristics of De Morgan's work. The intensely linear quality and elaborately patterned drapery reflect the influence of Burne-Jones, and the imaginary bare and rocky landscape setting has similarities with his works such as 'The Passing of Venus' and 'Perseus Pursued by the Gorgons'.

But the hard-edged draughtsmanship and dramatic use of colour are quite different, owing much more to her love of 15th-century Italian art. The strong composition, producing a vortex effect, is particularly striking.

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Bought by Walter Bagehot, the economist and historian, who had been one of William De Morgan's clients for tiles. He left it to his sister who lived in Longport, Somerset, until her death in Gordon Catherine Gordon ed. Canvas Oil paint Wood Evelyn De Morgan London or - London Show me: Full collection Just highlights.

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His father was a mathematician who became a professor at University College, London. Sophia was also a Spiritualist and published a book on the subject. This interest inspired that of William and Evelyn, who also anonymously published a Spiritualistic book, which focused on automatic writing. William began studying Classics at University College when he was 16, but an interest in art inspired him to enrol in evening classes and thereafter to study at the Royal Academy Schools.

Soon William realized, through his developing friendships with major figures in the Arts and Crafts Movement such as Henry Holliday a stained-glass artist and fellow student , Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris, that he was more attracted to the decorative than the fine arts.

Interestingly, tiles had just begun to take on a decorative rather than solely functional role in architecture and interior design, being installed, for example, in fireplaces, church floors and walls. Traditionally, tiles were used for roofing and in dairies and public lavatories as they were easy to clean. He wondered how one could purposely produce this effect.

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Although De Morgan could have learned about the technique from other sources — reduced-pigment lustre had been produced since the 9th century AD in Iraq, Italy and Spain and other regions — he worked out his methods on his own and became an authority. De Morgan was not much interested in the making of the pots themselves.

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It was the decorative work and the chemical and scientific challenges of firing and glazing that attracted him. Several achievements distinguish De Morgan as a celebrated ceramicist. Moreover, success in the process is never guaranteed, which makes his work that much more special. Achieving the desired tonality would involve several firings.

Evelyn takes De Morgan spotlight

How the heat and pigment would interact could never be predicted with certainty. De Morgan set up his own workshops and a showroom in Chelsea where later, after their marriage, the couple also lived , hiring ceramic decorators and a kiln master. For a time he had workshops in Merton Abbey, south London, and Fulham. William was not a good businessman. See notes below. In , the De Morgan Foundation was formed, and the nearby borough reference library, when vacated, proved to be an ideal exhibition and educational site.

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The Centre opened in Indeed, have any other such couples inspired a museum devoted to their work?