Crowd Funding : Turn Your Wildest Dream into Reality

Crowd Funding : Turn Your Wildest Dream into Reality
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Crowd Funding: Turn Your Wildest Dream into Reality eBook: Admir Vasconcelos, Jennifer Vasconcelos, Peter Guess: Kindle Store. and read online Crowd Funding: Turn Your Wildest Dream into Reality file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You can download or read online.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. Sort order. Mar 30, Sara rated it it was ok. Most of this book is information that you already know or can get with a quick online search. There is a lot of talk of where the authors have gone, and how they were paid to go, but that is never really explained.

The chapter on cre Most of this book is information that you already know or can get with a quick online search. Personally, I also could have done without their travel pictures and selfies at the end of the book.

Instead of focusing on the beautiful places they visited, they posted pictures of themselves in doorways and other locations that don't give any insight to where they traveled. I may have learned the names of one or two new websites to check out in my travel research, but otherwise I felt this book to be severely lacking, and I'm glad it was free. One there was less disposable income than there had been over previous years so that clearly had some impact.

Every social movement or emergent behaviour is a product of its time and I think ours certainly is too. At this point the Skype cuts out for a few seconds and I have to explain to Yancey that I missed his last points…. I was just saying all kinds of amazing shit! I am just starting to see that Kickstarter has managed to clear that hurdle, in terms of making it culturally and socially acceptable. And clearing that hurdle is a really big deal and opens the door not just for us but other ways of thinking about creating things directly with artists.

It began working pretty immediately but in very small ways. We launched Tuesday April 28 at like pm which you can tell is a very strategic launch time and the first project was successfully funded that Friday. But there was a moment a few weeks in, a project launched by a woman called Alison Weiss. All these things demonstrated the way she thought about being an artist and what it was to be a fan. So rewards are huge. They are what move this out of the sphere of donation and philanthropy and allow it to be lots of other things at the same time.

And rewards are where people get to express themselves and express who they are. You learn a lot about what type of artist a person is by how willing they are to open themselves and their process up to their backers. Tell us about the new headquarters in Brooklyn? Are you very anchored in New York? And I just think New York is the natural home for that. And New York is a city where a lot of different creative disciplines come together. Are you surprised at the range of areas in which people have launched projects?

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The shared experience that is true of all those people is the difficulties and challenges of creating and the need to build an audience, the desire to get ideas out there. That equalisation of the various strains of creativity is a really encouraging thing for creators. That fluidity and organic growth has been a pleasant surprise to take in and watch. So quality control is not something that matters to us. We want to prevent people from abusing the system but apart from that, no.

The myth of the lone wolf artist creating things is ultimately to the detriment of the artist because seeing the process and the effort and the toil that goes into creating something makes us feel more empathic towards the creator.

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The auteur who just has genius running through their veins is alienating. We love seeing their work but that demystification is an important part of allowing all of us to connect with art in a more fundamental way. I guess it would be for this to last in a state similar to now; to see more projects come to fruition and the creators using the site going on to have real world success. The first Hackerspace in the Iraqi capital Baghdad opened in October thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. The suits and the hipsters and the rest have come to learn more about The Kickstarter Economy at an event hosted by publishers Future Human.

Two main themes emerge from the evening. The second theme to emerge builds on something Yancey touched on — there is something deeper, something socio-cultural at play here. Time and again the idea of platforms like Kickstarter democratising decision-making comes up. It takes power back from top-down systems and gives it to the general public.

In the weeks after this event, I interviewed several people who had used Kickstarter for their own creative projects.

Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life.

Vera Greentea, a young comics artist, has funded five books through the platform. I was still in school, wondering what to do with my degree and not yet considering being a writer. Kickstarter sounded like the most incredible resource for a wet-behind-the-ears unknown aspiring whatever to experiment with art. So for her it was a way of jump-starting an artistic career. For Darren Wall, aka Wallzo, Kickstarter was a way of circumventing a publishing industry which told him there was no audience for a history of the British software house Sensible Software.

Not that I blame them; I was informed that the prevailing experience of most publishers was that video game books did not sell in great numbers, and my proposed solution — making them more expensive and more specialist — was just too niche. Unsurprisingly, they all politely declined my proposal. But I was still convinced there was a market. This was the point I think everyone realised just how revolutionary crowd funding could be.

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Jul 16, first book. First crowdfunded Nintendo DS game. Wolf Alice on winning the Mercury Prize, defying non-believers, and how friendship is key to their chemistry. However, mobile crowdsourcing can lead to an urban bias, as well as safety and privacy concerns. And you want that traffic to be comprised of prospective backers of your project. So, now that she's realized her dreams for an excellent primary school in her village and a library that serves the entire community, what's next?

Seeing that success — and, most importantly, realising that a huge number of gamers were now visiting the site — it felt like the perfect place to try and launch my idea. Game designer Michael Fox knows the Kickstarter experience is not all dazzling successes. He takes up the story. Christmas Eve. If I could go back in time I would, then slap myself and tell Past Michael to bloody wait until January. The campaign itself was good enough, I firmly believe that, but we were fighting a losing battle from the start. It may never do so.

Having people who believe in your work is incredible, and knowing that that group will invariably increase each time is fantastic. The complexities of the Kickstarter process are well-known to Jules Pieri, co-founder and CEO of The Grommet which specialises in helping people take their crowdfunded ideas to the next level — breaking into the real retail space. Crowdfunding platforms are also great at helping creators to recruit a network of early adopters who help to shape their product, but they are not as good at providing an accurate read on retail acceptance.