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Time left was 15 m 15 s. Served Cold. Perhaps it's because you get a loading screen that the quest thinks you're releasing your spirit? By listening to and following his heart, Ephraim Hanks finds his way in life and eventually provides relief and rescue to the suffering Martin Handcart Company. Comment by Allakhazam One of the rules to this quest is that you can't release your spirit. Chamberlain's Fish Market Grill.

Comment by Thottbot I am a lvl 42 mage, i just did the quest on 4 min 16 sec.. Upon entering the tram, the quest "failed" Don't take the Deeprun Tram on the timer! Naturally, in the end it didn't matter Comment by Thottbot Just find the Basilisks on the road north of the arena, to the west of the shadowmaws - its easier and faster than going behind the arena through the raptors. Comment by Thottbot just fly to darkshire and reach stv through that road near south center of duskwood.

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Comment by Thottbot This quest was the easiest and quikest thing i could have done for rewards of this caliber. Im a 37 mage and i hearthed to booty bay went to 31,40 were the mob was and ported back to SW Easy as strawberrie pie on a sunday.

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Get the quest item and continue going through the rest of your STV quests. When you're back in SW, abandon quest, get it again, you have the quest item in your bags, hand it over. Dont waste time flying here and there in a hurry. Comment by Thottbot killed first one at 30, 37 picked it up. There're more near the coast Comment by Thottbot Treat this quest like any other that doesn't have a timer. Fail it, but keep it in your log. Then kill the mob when you see it while on another quest. The quest item will drop even after you've failed the quest, so ignore the timer.

Once you have the quest item, abandon the quest. Instantly turn it in. I killed the mob about 1 week after getting the quest, and I turned in the quest about 2 days after that. Mobs: North of the Arena.

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Comment by Thottbot I started the quest and looted the basilisk haunch as described above, then did a couple other quests and let the timer run out. When I returned to the quest-giver and abandoned the quest, intending to re-accept it, the haunch of basilisk vanished too. I had to do the whole thing over again. Comment by Thottbot I don't know if it was a recent patch, but it seems the concept of abandoning the quest and handing in the quest item is no longer valid. I started the quest, ignoring the time, got the meat and returned to Stormwind. After I abandoned the quest, I found the quest item in my inventory missing.

I thought I threw it away on accident, so I did the quest again only to find it missing for the second time.

So, I'm assuming it has to be done the proper way now. Comment by Thottbot I took the quest, flew to Darkshire. Searched all over the North west for the Cold eye. None to be found. Failed the quest. I was near the Arena and found one.

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I got the meat and was on my way back to see if I could abandon the quest and start again and just give the meat. When I abandoned the quest, the meat was deleted from my inventory. I retook the quest and went back to the same spot that I killed the Cold Eye and killed him again. I took the meat, stoned back and turned in the quest for the gold and the great experience. Easy to do and good money and exp. Watch for stealth panthers.

Comment by Thottbot It is correct. If you abandon the quest, the item is removed from your inventory. Of course, I didn't try mailing it to another character or anything tricky like that.


Comment by Thottbot I found the drop at Just to be on the safe side Make your home at SW and fly to BB and then go from there. I did it in 10 minutes from getting the quest :. For clarification, they are just north of Gurubashi arena on the road.

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Traveling from booty Bay, just after you exit the arena on the road, you will see a basilisks on the right wrong kind and perhaps a tiger on the left. The next critter up the road will be your cold eye basilisks. Fun little quest. Comment by Allakhazam got this on the 1st drop and got myself xp and SW rep increase!

Comment by Allakhazam Coordinates are 36, Right next to the road. Also the text about "must not release your spirit" appears to be misleading. I got ganked by a horde along the road, clicked the "release spirit" button to go to the graveyard, and ran back. Figured the quest was Failed, but it didn't show as failed and the timer was still running. So I finished it anyway killed the basalisk and teleported back to SW. Was going to re-Accept the quest but instead he said thanks and it was Completed! Comment by Allakhazam Certainly for a mage.

But, really any class, just set your hearth in SW.

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BTW, I found flying into Westfall was pretty quick. Comment by Allakhazam Faction with Stormwind at lvl Comment by Allakhazam Very simple, Did it with 43 priest. Walked or if your like my Mounted to 27,43 then I hearthed out after I killed it. While I messed around for the first 5 mins.

Comment by Allakhazam 43 Mage, finished in less than 8 minutes.

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I had Hearth in BB, ran to basalisk, kill, teleport to mage tower, done. Comment by Allakhazam By the time I found the right basilisk looking at the Stranglethorn map, they're in the central western shoreline at the curved shoreline on the map , I only had about a minute to kill it and get back. The time ran out before I killed it. I was able to get the haunch from the corpse but I failed the mission. Sooooo, I brought the haunch to Stormwind. Cancelled and regrabbed the quest and just handed over the haunch I already got. Quest completed! Comment by Allakhazam if u happen to die Comment by Allakhazam That was the easiest 1.

And I got xp I died, so I had to abandon after I got the Haunch, and I restarted it right away, then turned it in and recieved 4. Comment by Allakhazam as a 41 rogue I went from angus to the gryphon master to darkshrie, then right to where teh coldeye baslisks were. I went all the way back to darkshre, too the gryphon and went to angus.

I had exactly 7min 1sec left sprinting as fast often as I could. If I had to do it over again I would hve gone to BB because its a might bit closer. Comment by Allakhazam I found out first where the basilisks. They are just a little north of Gurubashi arena on the left side just off the road. Then before I got the quest I set my hearthstone to Stormwind. I got the quest then Griffed to BB its closer ran to the Basilisks and the first one i killed dropped the haunch.

I stoned back to SW and I turned in the quest. Time left was 15 m 15 s. Edited, Fri Feb 25 Comment by Allakhazam I died 2 times on this quest at level 47 because a? If I wasent a nightelf with a carrot on a stick and Mount speed eanted gloves I would have never been bale to do this quest. Comment by Allakhazam This quest is great for a mage like me, since I can just use the teleportation rune to go back to the Mages in Stormwind quickly, then off to the Inn which is close by. Comment by Allakhazam I just finished this quest at lvl 39 with no mount, no hearthstoning to SW, and with five minutes left on the timer.

Comment by Allakhazam Did it with 19 mins to go. Comment by Allakhazam I did it with 12mins left. Comment by Allakhazam Great quest Get on your chicken, get to the birds, fly to BB, get on your chicken, go north of the GA and they are just after you make the deadman's curve right there on the hill. He brings her to the next city because he plans to sell her as a slave to the highest bidder. Before she is passed on to a buyer, a racistic mob tries to lynch her. Jeremias foils this attempts but is taken by surprise later on. Two bandits abduct Tune and leave Jeremias for dead.

As soon as he has recovered sufficiently he pursues the misdoers. When he gets at them, it turns out they are associated with a so-called friend of his late father. Jeremias discloses that this presumed friend did not only deceive George Bridger, but also his son Jeremias. The murderers of the Bridger family have been his henchman who had been ordered to mask themselves as Indians. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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