The Holy Hustler

The Holy Hustler
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The Holy Hustler

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Holy Hustler

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Share the Hustle. This book was filled of drama from the first page to the very last. I truly enjoyed reading Holy Hustler.

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I can't wait for the sequel. I really was disappointed in the book.

The Truth Will Come Out - "Holy Hustler" - Full Free Maverick Movie!!

From Amazon I felt the book was created for the secular audience and not those looking for a realistic read concerning Christians. Yes, we are flawed - but where were the characters in this novel who were trying to live right? People lived how they wanted to, did what they wanted to do, and all were actively involved in the church. It was not balanced in its portrait of us as christians which is just as dangerous as those who portray us as super people.

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I wanted to like this book but I ended up throwing it away. Pastor Goodlove "Gee" is living large and lavish from the enormous ministry he is built.

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He has it all His crafty ideas to bring in big money to add to Sweetwater's bottom line Goodlove is the perfect last name for this family, as all three sons and their father are dealing with some sexual issues. Reginald is embezzling money from the church in order to live it up on the weekends with his sexy escorts.

Damien's marriage to Michelle is nothing more than an agreement on paper because he is chasing every single skirt in church on Sunday, and his wife knows it. His infidelity leaves him and his wife in some very peculiar, even fatal, situations. Barry is truly in love with Amy Blackwell, the daughter of another prominent pastor.

Barry has every intention to spend the rest of his days with the pure and beautiful Amy as his wife. There is only one problem - Sissy - a sexy Sunday school teacher that his flesh could not deny. Sissy's main objective is to become Mrs. Sissy Goodlove, so she sets some plans in motion to make Barry her husband, by any means necessary. Can you say crazy drama!?

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