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Dragon Wars Book Two Sometimes the only way to defeat the monsters is to become one. Uncovering the truth behind the monsters was only the beginning for Rain Mauri and her Dragon Warrior. Now it's up to their tiny band of resistance fighters to change the world once again. This time for the better. But nothing is ever easy in their post-apocalyptic world and there are those that will stop at nothing to keep the status quo.

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Dragon Goddess. Book 3. But she has been reborn as something far different from the woman she used to be. Now she can hear the thoughts of the dragons, feel their emotions, and maybe even control them.

But first, she has to escape from the very people who made her this way. Rain Mauri is intent on one thing: Saving the man she loves. As both women struggle for survival in the wasteland the world has become, they may find that their goals are not so different. Book 4.

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Dragon Corps. Book 5. Dragon Wars - Book 5 Stop Evil. Save the future. Dragon Mage. A map showing the location of the major Rhoynar cities on the continent of Essos.

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All of these cities were destroyed by the Valyrians. These wars and skirmishes started out very gradually: the first clash was known as the "First Turtle War" and lasted less than a month. The subsequent "Rhoynish Wars" were a year period of pervasive on and off skirmishes and flareups into outright warfare. Many of these were localized and inconclusive, but the Valyrians tended to win more than they lost.

The final phase of the Rhoynish Wars was the massive conflict known as the Second Spice War, which saw the Rhoynar defeated and Nymeria lead the survivors to Dorne. The Rhoynar lasted for as long as they did in no small part because the Valyrians simply didn't turn their full attention to the frontiers, instead more focused on the constant feuds between rival dragonlords in the core territories of the Valyrian Peninsula itself. For the same reason, the Valyrians hadn't simply exploded across all of Essos after defeating the Ghiscari Empire.

The Dragon's War

The Rhoynar were not fighting the core forces of the Valyrians, but the forces of its colony-states such as Volantis - and the colonists did not possess any dragons which is why they had struck out on their own in the first place, as without dragons they had little power in the Freehold. Every now and again, when the tide of the wars turned badly enough against the colony-cities and it seemed like they were in serious danger of destruction, they would call for help from the dragonlords living in Old Valyria itself. They would arrive and turn back the Rhoynar with their dragons, but because wars are expensive and they were more concerned with affairs and feuds back home, they would return as soon as they had succeeded in defending the colony-cities but not stay to continue an offensive against the Rhoynar.

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Nor did the Rhoynar present a united front, as their city-states were fiercely independent and had no overall government to coordinate their responses. During periods when the Valyrian colonists were weak and not a pressing threat, the Rhoynar cities would even continue their own petty conflicts with each other.

As a result the wars see-sawed back and forth for generations. The definitive history text on these conflicts is held to be Beldecar's History of the Rhoynish Wars.

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The conflicts came to an end about a thousand years ago BC , when three dragonlords from Valyria joined with the settlers in Volantis to completely destroy the great Rhoynar port city of Sarhoy, at the westernmost of the four mouths of the Rhoyne River Volantis is on the easternmost mouth. By putting a weapon in the hand of every Rhoynar boy old enough to hold one, he fielded the largest land army Essos had ever seen, a quarter of a million strong. Princess Nymeria , ruler of Ny Sar, was their only leader who spoke against the war, saying that it was ultimately unwinnable, yet she had no choice but to join in because her warriors were so eager that she couldn't stop them.

The Rhoynar forces were split in three: one on the east bank, one on the west, and a fleet on the river itself, as they made their way south from Chroyane. The Rhoynar had magical power of their own, not based on "fire and blood" like the Valyrians, but on the waters of Mother Rhoyne. Their "water-wizards" called up floods and water-spouts which devastated Valyrian towns and armies.

But in saving her, he might unleash a greater evil on them all. Mai Le is called the Angel for a reason. Which is a useful skill in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is her home. Unfortunately, she has to keep it a secret, or her own brother will slit her throat. They call him Dragon, but only behind his back.

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Rumor has it that Takei has killed three dragons single-handed. But there are enemies far more dangerous than dragons on the horizon, and the only chance for survival is if the Dragon and the Angel work together. Dragon Wars. Dragon Warrior Book 1 A man without a past.

A woman without a future. A world destroyed by monsters. Dragon Lord Book 2 Sometimes the only way to defeat the monsters is to become one.